New Frontiers Companies


Sonic Hooks is a company that creates editable music soundtrack kits for indie game developers and visual creators, providing easy access to premium soundscapes for their games and videos, at an affordable price.

Email: Alan

Alan Preims

Sonic Hooks

Admission Wahala is a platform that matches prospective international students with authentic, impartial and elite opportunities offered by reputable foreign universities based on student’s study-abroad interest, needs, preferences and goals.

Email: Jipe

Jipe Kelly

Admission Wahala

SealSpear Technologies develops, designs and installs air lubrication systems for large seagoing vessels. This approach reduces frictional drag force on marine vessels conversing ship fuel consumption, release of emissions to atmosphere and ship operational spend on fuels.

Email: Kieran

Kieran Barry

SealSpear Technologies

NetCred Kids is a game-based learning technology that teaches children about internet safety. It is designed to help parents and schools to equip young children with the knowledge and skills to stay safe online. The software is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Email: Róisín

Róisín Kelly

NetCred Kids

SMT Technologies provides specialist Risk Management services to public and private organisations. At the heart of our solution is cloud software designed specifically around risk associated with human resources within the company.

Email: Gerard

Gerard Keane

SMT Technologies

IreHub provides AI based Heart Monitoring system using easy to wear wrist device.

Email: Maneesh

Maneesh Kaushik

IreHub Technology

Origin Wild is developing a natural sports nutrition brand using Irish indigenous ingredients. Its first product is a grass fed bone broth sports supplement made using premium Irish beef.

Email: Mark

Mark Basquille

Origin Wild

Kaffa is a coffee roasting business that infuses legal cannabis oils into coffee beans during the roasting process. Our product Well Bean is designed to taste delicious while reducing fatigue, chronic pain and easing stress. Well Bean coffee is available in retail stores, coffee outlets and online.

Email: Francis

Francis Bonner


Placemate provides companies with a set of online, early stage talent acquisition tools that make it easier to source interns and graduate employees quickly and cost effectively. It uses psychological factors to identify performance indicators and “cultural fit” in potential candidates and suggests matches on that basis.

Email: Ferdia

Ferdia Kenny


DMC-Design’s new product the Cubbie Booth offers a more accessible solution to those suffering with a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). It uniquely offers a multi-sensory space to both children and adults and has the ability to transform to the individual needs of each user. Our system delivers a Total Sensory Management System to both those that suffer from SPD and to those that care for them.

Email: David

David McIntyre

DMC Design