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Cloud-based software platform that automates key capital and labour intensive business processes in the online consumer electronics retail industry.

LinkedIn: Barry Healy

Barry Healy

Kronos Electro

Cloudbrookwater is a water supply company that specialises in providing clean, fresh drinking water from rainwater to any building type – domestic, commercial, agricultural, schools and public institutions. We design, manufacture and install state of the art technologies that can eliminate water costs.


Denis Sheehy

One Eight Filtration Dynamics

DiaNia Technologies is an R&D company specialising in medical device materials technology. We aim to compete primarily on quality focused, timeline superior, innovative features leading to enhanced patient safety, product reliability, performance & cost-effectiveness benefits. Our vision is to be a world class technology company focused on customer-driven solutions. We believe a major void exists in the market place where our strong materials, science & project management capabilities can maximise the early development phase of devices.

Email: Sinéad

Sinéad Kenny

DiaNia Technologies

Taxhug is a web based IT platform that will inform the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) employees of what their tax credits/reliefs should actually be in the current and previous tax year. The platform will be designed to prompt the additional tax credits and reliefs that are continuously missed by PAYE workers. Once this is confirmed, the information is uploaded to the Revenue Commissioners IT system.

Email: David

David O’Sullivan


Follow spots, as the name suggests, are large lights used to follow a performer while they move around on a stage. Instead of an operator physically moving the light, our product, Spotrack uses an ordinary computer and some software to simply follow the performer with a light whose movement is controlled using the computer’s mouse.


Liam Feeney


Concussion and head injuries are a major problem in high impact sports. Our company, Contego Sports develop innovative head protectors to enhance the players’ performance and maximise their safety. Our next product is a next generation head protector that will initially be aimed at the rugby market. The product will help reduce the incidence of concussion and aid with its early detection in players.


Marc Ganly

Contego Sports

Egan Concepts is developing the first hand held alignment system for golfers, with active alignment and target lock technology, to help the golfer achieve their perfect setup. We call it SetupEye. The unit has been designed to be used on the golf course and so for the first time a golfer with SetupEye will have the ability to correct their game as soon as it starts to go wrong, with the convenience of a unit that fits in their pocket.

LinkedIn: Les

Les Egan

Egan Concepts

Minimate creates customer driven minimalistic product solutions.  Our first product is the MediStori: a personal medical organiser which features specialised, specific-to-illness management diaries.  These diaries reduce the high risks and stresses associated with daily medication management and misdiagnosis of both acute and chronic illnesses.  The MediStori keeps all of a person’s or family’s complete medical records together in one place, which can be an essential tool in an emergency situation.

Email: Olive

Olive O’Connor


CPD design & develop energy saving and environmentally friendly products. Two of our products are now in production. Bin Strap is a useful device for the household which keeps the lid on wheelie bins sealed and secure even if the bin tips over. Eco Grate, our second product, saves money on solid fuel costs for the open fire, increases the heat output and reduces CO2 emissions. CPD also assist other companies or individuals with patent applications, product design and development.


Carmel Goodfellow

Celtic Product Development

Parknav map and process local data, such as parking information and licence this to players in the digital mapping, geo services and sat nav industry. Parknav aims to fill a data gap that exists on these current platforms and in turn enhance the navigation experience for these products end users.

LinkedIn: Lorcan

Lorcan Hynes


Eagle IC is a design service provider to the Irish semiconductor industry and we assist companies in the design of microchips. Our solution is to offer a unique ‘Design for Layout’ training programme.

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Patricia Gorman

Eagle IC

CareerBud is a new and innovative process/system for job seekers that brings structure, clarity and efficiency to the job seeking process. Our solution is a fully structured “Five Phase” process, supplemented with a proprietary software solution (TrackerBud ©) to assist in managing the process.

LinkedIn: Liam

Liam Delaney


RoamPA is an innovative support system for employees who move internationally for work. It can cost employers up to three times the employees’ annual salary for work related moves. RoamPA supports the employees throughout their move so they can focus on the job in hand which means greater return on investment for the project and the company. RoamPA automates and eases the administration burden for the employer internally and as a result the employer benefits from direct cost savings.


Una Mc Neill